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Welcome to a kitchen that exudes uniqueness and functionality. Our unusual kitchen, designed from warm wood tones and elegant beige shades, brings a new dimension to the food preparation area. Inspired by the geometry of Tetris, this design brings the space to life with a dynamic arrangement of elements. Instead of the classic single or double row design, this kitchen goes outside the box with its bold layout. Each element fits perfectly into a harmonious whole, creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. In addition to being visually attractive, this kitchen is also extremely practical. The space is used to the maximum, with enough space for storage and food preparation without sacrificing style. Sail into new waters of design with our unusual kitchen that represents a combination of modern style, warmth of wood and functionality.


In our studio apartment project, comfort, style and practicality merge into a perfect whole. Upon entering this modernly designed space, you will immediately notice the phenomenal practical kitchen in wooden-beige shades, which exudes elegance and functionality. In this space, we emphasized the bar, which is ideal for quick meals or relaxed socializing. The living room of the apartment has been carefully used as a multifunctional space that serves as a living room and a work corner, which can easily be transformed into a sleeping area as needed. The space is designed to meet all your needs, whether you are resting, working or having fun. The desk and closet offer enough space for organizing things. We have carefully chosen the colors in order to achieve a visually more spacious ambience. With the dominant wooden light decor and the abundance of white color, which forms the basis of the space, we considered it important to add bolder tones such as blue and yellow. These tones are carefully integrated throughout the details, providing a refreshing and dynamic contrast. This studio apartment is a real little haven that offers everything you need for a comfortable and modern life. With a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, this is a place where every detail has been carefully thought out to make your stay pleasant and inspiring.


In this exceptional interior design project, the emphasis is on open space that provides fluid interaction between different zones in the house. The central part is the living room, which was conceived as an open space space, integrating the living room and the dining room into a unique whole, which is connected to the kitchen, which is still a little separated from this whole, but is located in the open space space. The dominant element of this space is a modern white set, which provides a feeling of spaciousness and light, while an additional note of comfort and elegance is brought by a modern armchair that carefully fills the space. The stone fireplace stands out as the central point of the space, which adds character and warmth to the overall ambience with its rustic charm. In addition to its function, the fireplace provides aesthetic pleasure and is specially designed to connect the living room with the dining room, creating a pleasant and functional space for family gatherings and socializing. The central element of the dining room is a massive table with a black top and an unusual base made of metal with a gold coating, which provides a sophisticated touch of luxury. This extraordinary combination fits perfectly with the black wooden chairs, making the space elegant and warmer. In the dining room, we designed a unique composition consisting of a wine box and a space for a library, with the addition of a piano, which completes the entire ambience, providing space for relaxation and enjoyment. The piano additionally enriches the space with its beauty, creates harmony between aesthetics and art. The integration of work space in the area where the dining room meets the kitchen adds a practical aspect to this space, allowing residents to enjoy meals while simultaneously conducting their business activities. This multifunctional dining room is the heart of the home, a place where family and friends gather in an atmosphere of comfort, elegance and inspiration. This modern home interior design concept has been carefully designed to achieve harmony between aesthetics, comfort and functionality.


The children's room exudes multifunctionality and adaptability, creating a space that grows with the child and provides him with a place to play, study and rest. The main element of the room is the bed, which is easily transformed into a play area or an additional bunk bed, providing flexibility and practicality in everyday life. Special attention was paid to the design of the table, which was designed to adapt to the age of the child. This detail allows the child to use the table in different ways as he grows and develops, giving him room for creativity and learning according to his needs and interests. An important aspect of the design of this room is a specially designed place for playing, studying and sleeping, which allows the child to use the space in the best possible way. All the details in the room have been carefully designed to allow the child to play in different ways, taking into account all the possibilities that the space offers. This children's room is not only functional, but also inspiring, giving the child a space where he feels free to explore, learn and grow with countless possibilities for play and fun.