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Interior design process - country house

Welcome to our first blog post dealing with the topic of interior design of a country house - one of the key projects that await us.

dizajn dnevne sobe

Photo: William Abranowicz

We decided to pay special attention to this task, and we started the process of researching ideas and possibilities that we could apply in order to achieve the best results.

The interior design of a country house requires a comprehensive understanding of the context, the needs of the household, but also the specifics of the rural environment. Each country house carries with it its own unique story, its own charm and challenges. Through our research, we strive for a deeper understanding of this context in order to create a space that not only reflects the aesthetics, but also the spirit of the past and life in that house.

hodnik kuće

Photo: Thomas Loof

The methodology of our approach

  1. Analysis of Resident Needs: Communication with the future users of the space is a key stage in the design process. Through careful conversations, we try to find out their wishes, needs, but also the challenges they face in everyday life. Whether it's a family's need for a spacious gathering space or people looking for an inspiring corner to work in, understanding their needs is key to creating a functional design.

  2. Researching Local Architecture: Thorough study of traditional building styles, local materials and construction techniques is key to creating an authentic design that fits organically into the rural environment. Each environment has its own characteristics, therefore we pay special attention to the elements that make up the local landscape, such as stone, wood and other natural resources from the environment.

  3. Implementation of Sustainable Design: Sustainability is the foundation of modern design. Accordingly, we are exploring the possibilities of using renewable energy sources, local materials and principles of energy efficiency in order to create an environmentally friendly space that also ensures comfort and quality of stay.

  4. Following the Trends: Regardless of the traditional characteristics of the rural environment, the interior design of the country house can be modern and stylish. By following the current trends, we explore ways to improve the traditional rural ambience with elements of contemporary style, thus achieving harmony between the past and the present.

pogled iz dvorišta na starinsku kuću koja je lijepo osvjetljena

Dizajn: Modern Nest Homes

This methodological approach is the basis of our country house interior project. All the initial steps have been carefully designed to ensure that the country house becomes a true oasis of comfort, inspiration and connection with nature.

Follow us to learn more about our farmhouse interior design journey and explore all aspects of this exciting project!

starinski dizajn kuhinje
starinski dizajn dnevne sobe

Photo: Aleksandar Ribar, Photo: Luke White

Design: Leanne Ford Interiors

starinski dizajn spavaće sobe

Design: Modern Nest Homes

starinski dizajn dnevne sobe

Design: Modern Nest Homes

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